Naamio started as a fictional dub step artist, inspired by various real artists. The name "Naamio" is the finnish word for "mask". With this in mind it was planned to set the focus on the music Naamio is producing. Wihin a few months, Naamio began to grow. Its Facebook page reached thousands of likes. Realizing that this fictional character "Naamio" meant more than just imagination, they started to play live shows, entertaining people all over europe with its dirty taste of music. But with that, Naamio had to create an image. The music needed someone to represent it. After a long time of searching, they found a mask designer from California. Without hesitation they all flew all the way from europe to the states to meet up with Jorge Pong, who made the first masks for the project. Inspired by the californian lifestyle and by the new masks, Naamio shot a video for youtube, remixing the song "Can't Stop" from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. With this video, they got known in the scene for their new combination of looks and sounds. Naamio is currently on a creative hiatus to work on the image and to create new sounds for their music. The new NAAMIO will be published to the world in the new year.